Yksi nuoli on katkennut..RIP Chris Boyton

“It is with great sadness that we hear of Chris Boyton’s passing last night in his sleep. A true gent and absolute legend he will be greatly missed by us all.
RIP Chris… we send our love and thoughts to the family.”

Julkaisia The Longbow Shop.

Ei helvetti! Mestarijousisepällä ei tietääkseni ollut edes ikää vielä pahastikaan. :frowning:

Edit: muokkasin otsikkoa jotta selviää mistä on kyse.

Niinpä, harmin paikka. Syöpä se vissiin miehen vei. Eilen kului yömyöhään hänen nuolipajan juttuja selaillessa.
Teki suomalaisesta männystä nuolivarsia!

Surullista, että näin kävi, mies parhaassa iässä. Jousentekijänä mestari, eikä nuolissakaan valittamista ollut. Joitakin sähköposteja vaihdoin Boytonin kanssa ja ystävällisesti vastasi kysymyksiini.

Tässä vielä muutama arvostelu Boytonin jousista:


Videolla Boyton näyttää miten nuolivarsi höylätään käsin.

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Tässä vielä vähän yksityis kohtia sekä Chris:in pojan Dan viimeinen viesti kolmisen viikkoa sitten.

Chris: "This is at last the update on my recent health issues which have caused me to discontinue my business, and use up what time I have left to enjoy what’s left of it.
I’m only posting this because there are some folk that are not aware of what exactly happened to me, so I’m posting this so that everybody knows exactly what has happened, and so there’s no guessing as to what happens next.

So for a quick recap, I was taken into Epsom Hospital on the 17th of April with what I thought was a stroke, but once in hospital turned out to be a cluster of aggressive brain tumours, and cancer on the left lung, emanating from a Melanoma on my face.

The upshot is, the cancer is aggressive, and because of the speed that it is growing, there is little the Medics can do to treat a patient that has other health problems that would possibly make this cancer treatmentable under other circumstances.

The reason for informing everybody is so that you all know that the shaft and bow production has ceased, as I’m unable to teach any potential new owners the ropes, because I am now unable to co ordinate myself enough to concentrate on passing on what shaft making is all about, so sadly I will be selling off most of the machinery into the woodworking community, with a couple of machines, of which will be going to Carol Edwards for her to re-machine any shafts that she needs to re-size to smaller sizes and spines.

At this point I’d like to thank all my loyal customers and archery friends for their trade over the years, and hope they can find alternative products to continue shooting good quality wooden arrow shafts.
Two or more weeks ago, things were totally different, but the cancer started to control how I do things now, and I’m no longer able to to even put on a pair of socks without planning how I do it without a major hissy fit.
Prior to this point things were very good, but since then it’s all gone a bit hit and miss.
So, that’s about it really, there’s nothing more I can really add to that.
Take care of yourselves, and try and look at life from a fun perspective, it’s not all about work."

Dan: “This is Dan (Chris’ son) posting on his behalf. He has asked me to thank everyone for all of the kind messages that you have sent over the past couple of months. Sadly his condition has reached the point where he no longer has the energy to respond to them. Thanks again for your well wishes. Dan”