Bow Building Online Class 1 - The Longbow

Hello colleagues!
I just finished translating my first book in English.
318 pages, 409 photos and 3 videos.
44 pages free preview
Interview with bowyer’s legend Paul Comstock.

Module 1 - The Longbow
Module 2 - Trees and Bow wood - Basics
Module 3 - Saplingbows
Module 4 - The Ash Snake
Module 5 - Tools

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After a quick look I have to say you have fantastic pictures in the book! Very informative and delicate at the same time.

Thank you Heikki, much appreciated.

I just started a SUMMER DISCOUNT for the Bow Building Online Class 1 - The Longbow.
It is now available for 19 EURO instead of 29 EURO.
All the best